About Us


YEU SAIGON GROUP was established and opened its first restaurant, YEU SAIGON CAFÉ in June 2015 at Gran Rubina Business Park. As of September 2018, we are now operating 10 restaurants across Jakarta in total and comprised of 4 different restaurant brands (YEU SAIGON CAFÉ, SAIGON DELIGHT, MADAME MAI, COM NGON).

The restaurant idea, which started simply as a passion for cuisine has shown enormous success due to Indonesia’s hunger for healthy and authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

With a focus on bringing healthy, authentic Vietnamese food to all market segments, YEU SAIGON GROUP aims to have 14 outlets at the end of 2018 and 40 outlets throughout the country at the end of 2020. Eventually, the owners Praba and Mai want to expand internationally.


  • Create an organization that is joyful and happy for all its employees
  • Bring back and promote honest cooking methods to provide nourishing and healthy cuisine
  • Develop a supply-chain that integrates animal welfare and sustainable agricultural practice bringing farm to table products that are healthy for our customers


  • Our current focus is on growing our business model in the greater Jakarta market. It is envisaged that by the end of 2018, we will be at 14 outlets and by 2020 at 40 outlets throughout the country.​


  •  Bring a variety of authentic healthy Vietnamese cuisines to the Indonesian F&B market.
  •  Make our product accessible to all segments of the market
  •  Offer healthy food to customers by growing food using sustainable farming practices and prohibiting MSG use


  • Honesty of our cooking methods - no MSG, growing our own organic herbs, baking our own bread
  • Vietnamese Authenticity – hiring of Vietnamese chefs and ensuring quality by creating our dishes from scratch
  • Our priority has always been the product and the customer. Commercial considerations have always been second, and as a result, our customers see and feel the difference.


  • The two owners of the group are the husband and wife team of Praba Madhavan and Le Thi Tuyet Mai. Motivated by a desire to bring authentic Vietnamese cuisine to the Indonesian market, they began their F&B journey with minimal experience with the opening of YEU SAIGON CAFE in June 2015. This was followed by their new brand YEU SAIGON DELIGHT later in 2015 and in November 2017, their third concept MADAME MAI was launched. Com Ngon, the latest concept was launched in July 2018.
  • The strategy is to bring to Indonesia authentic and healthy Vietnamese cuisine and make it available to as many segments of the market as possible.
  • The commitment to providing authentic and healthy cuisine is a complete one with the hiring of Vietnamese chefs at all outlets, importation of essential Vietnamese sauces and condiments and the local growing of Vietnamese herbs which give Vietnamese cuisine its authentic flavors and health-inducing features. Kitchens are also strictly MSG-free.
  • The word ‘Yeu’ means love in Vietnamese. Praba and Mai wanted the name of their brand to reflect their own personal experience and passion towards Vietnamese cuisine. It represents the love and affection they want customers to experience while dining at their restaurants.